Best Containers For Growing Herbs Indoors: Terracotta & Coconut fiber

Best Containers For Growing Herbs Indoors: Terracotta & Coconut fiber

Pretty much any pot can work for growing herbs and you can really get creative with what you use. Your herb pots can act as a decorative item as well as a functional item but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing pots for indoor herb growing.

The container should have drainage holes

The most important thing is that you need to have adequate drainage. Nothing will kill your herbs faster than standing water so you must make sure that the container you use has a hole in the bottom. You want to be sure that water can drain out easily. Another solution is to put rocks in the bottom of the container if you cannot use one with a hole, but this is not as good as one that has a drainage hole.

Terracotta pots for herbs

Terra cotta pots

Ideally, you should use terracotta pots with a big hole in the bottom and a saucer that the water can drain into. The terracotta is permeable so moisture and air can flow into the soil inside the container. This is very important because if your roots do not get enough ventilation and drainage they can succumb to root rot which will kill the plant. Also, standing water inside the pot will invite a hot of diseases as well as mildew.

Of course, you can use any type of pot and just make sure that the soil is loose and the drainage is good, but why not just use the types of pots that will give you the best results?  Terracotta pots are fairly inexpensive and they look nice too.

Soak the pot in water

One thing to keep in mind, if you are using terracotta pots, is that you will want to soak the pot in water before you transplant your herbs into the pot. This is so that the terracotta does not wick all the moisture out of the soil leaving your newly transplanted herb begging for water. Soaking them overnight and then letting them dry for about 20 minutes before planting your herbs in them will ensure that the moisture stays in the soil as it should. If the pots have been used previously, make sure to wash them out with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

Coconut fiber pots

Coconut fiber pots

You might also consider coconut fiber pots or baskets because these also allow for adequate airflow and drainage. The roots of your plants can actually grow right through the fibers in these pots. The big drawback is that the water will run out the entire bottom since it is not really solid and that can present a messy problem unless you are set up with trays underneath to catch the water.