How To Decide Whether Indoor Or Backyard Herb Gardening Best For You

How To Decide Whether Indoor Or Backyard Herb Gardening Best For You

Decide first on what you want to have in your garden then determine whether most of these grow better in outdoors in strong, direct light or whether they fair best protected indoors. This should give you an idea on how to sustain and make the most of what you plant. You may find that you will have a small indoor and outdoor garden!


Better health for the family.

We all know that vegetables are not exactly the kind of food everybody gets crazy about- but they can be! Think of the different appealing ways you can present vegetables, make it part of dinner talk, how you got it straight from the plant to the dinner plate.

Better yet, make it a family activity! Kids can even join in the upkeep of the vegetables to keep them interested. When you pick them from the plant itself, imagine the vitamins and minerals that are at its freshest state and not lost due to long shipping and handling times You won’t think twice about eating them raw because you decide what goes on in the nourishment of your plants.

Less household expenses.

With caring for your own herbs and vegetables growing in the garden, you can have your fill of all the salads and vegetable dishes at no cost. The usual vegetables and herbs we mix in our main dishes will be just a few steps away.

Should any culinary emergency arise, you can just prepare dishes straight from your garden. You lessen the time and effort dashing to and from the store each time you realize that you do not have enough tomatoes, onions, garlic or other common herbs. These extra trips to the store could translate to a considerable amount of fuel if tallied in a year.

Environment friendly.

Herbs in containers

Growing organic vegetables and herbs without synthetic pesticides and herbicides go a long way in the reduction of carbon your footprint. Your environment is greener as there will be a decrease in air pollution as well as water pollution.

Composting is highly recommended so you just do not throw away your leftovers. Think how much mother earth will be thanking you for making the effort.

Physical and emotional well-being.

Being outdoors, planting, watering and even harvesting may not be considered a workout but for some, it is already an added activity to an otherwise sedentary existence. Being able to appreciate the vegetation just right outside one’s door is an uplifting experience in it of itself.

A certain feeling of calmness and peace permeates one’s soul when in the company of the different colors in a backyard vegetable garden. Some consider having a garden a therapy of sorts, taking your mind off some present and persistent worries of daily life. It is a good way to de-stress, relax and gain new perspectives.

Better tasting food.

What better way to enjoy a dish than with freshly picked herbs and vegetables? When you buy from the grocery, you can never tell what has been used or added to the product to make it stay and look fresh for an extended time on the back of a truck or on the supermarket shelf. With your own vegetables and herbs, you are assured that the taste is as natural as you can get, just like it is supposed to be.

Sense of Pride.

As you begin to see the progress and growth of your plants, you cannot help but feel proud not only of your produce but you also gain confidence. It is such a wonder being part of your vegetable’s life, watching it grow from being a seed to becoming part of your nourishment. It is, after all, an accomplishment to see something flourish under your care.

For whatever reason you may have, to take on vegetable gardening, it is only a matter of time before you realize that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.